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Open Scandinavian Championship in winter swimming 2019

On Saturday the 16th of February 2019, the Open Scandinavian winter swimming championship, that is part of the world cup 2018-2019, will be held in Skellefeå. Last year we had about 400 competitors and this year we hope to reach 500 competitors.

The competition is arranged by Föreningen för Mörkrets och Kylans Glada Vänner.

Individual competitions will be held in 25 meter breast stroke and butterfly, 50 meter breast stroke and free style and 100 meter free style. Team races on 4 x 25 meter breast stroke, where both genders must be represented in the teams, will also be held.

The heats have the following prices and discounts
Attention!The discount is only valid for individual heats, but the first individual registration is always at full price.
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