Ice-hole poetry

Competition in ice-hole poetry


On Saturday 27 February, we will carry out a digital event “The whole world is ice dipping” with competitions, ice-hole greetings and lectures on how the body reacts to winter swimming/ cold. Now it is time to submit your entry to the Ice-hole poetry competition.

This year, you will submit a video of your contribution instead of physically participating on site in Skellefteå. The competition’s final in Ice-hole poetry is being arranged during our broadcast live from the ice-hole on 27 February 2021. The theme is joy, dark and cold.

We want your contribution no later than Sunday 21 February. Then we look through all the entries and a jury select the six entries that then participate in the competition “VakPoesi”. You will receive an answer no later than Tuesday 23 February if you are in the final.

What to do:

1. Your competition entry must be recorded from the ice-hole. Shooting with the camera in HORIZONTAL mode = The phone should be down.

2. The poem may take a maximum of 30 seconds to perform

3. You should present the poem orally while standing in the ice hole.

4. You should be adorned with a creative warm headdress and respectable/ non-revealing swimwear.

Criteria that will be assessed during the transmission of the contributions: – How the poem reflects the theme – The creative equipment – Cool performance / execution – how the poem is performed. You are warmly welcome to send your contribution no later than Sunday 21 February to

If you cannot send the file via regular email, you can send via

1. Go to on your mobile or computer. Safe and free.

2. Select the correct file from your video library.

In the message field, write Vakpoesi 2021, your name and telephone number.

4. Send via email to

5. Click TRANSFER, go to your email where you received a code that you enter and then click SEND.

6. Ready! Confirmation of successful transfer will be sent via email.

Questions? Problem? Contact Stina at

A warm welcome with your contribution.

The Dark & Cold

In the autumn it is time to enter your entry in the ice wake poetry competition. The competition will be held during the inauguration of the Winter swimming championship on Friday the 14th of February. The theme is joy, darkness och cold. 

We need your entry before the 29th of January. A jury will open all entries and select 6 entries that will attend the “ice wake poetry competition”. If you are selected, you will be notified before the 6th of February and the finalists will attend the inauguration of the winter swimming championship on Friday the 12th of February at 6.00 pm. 

The 6 finalists will recite their poem standing in an ice wake. They shall each decorate themselves with a creative warm head gear, swimsuit and shoes (if wanted). It may not take longer than 30 seconds to recite the poem.

At the finals a jury will elect the winner and will judge according to the following criteria:

  • How well the poem reflects the theme
  • The creative outfit
  • Coolt performance – how the poem was performed

The competition is arranged by Mörkrets och Kylans Glada Vänner, Skelleftebygdens Berättarförening and Nordiskt Berättarcentrum

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