Wake poetry

Competition in wake poetry

In conjunction with the inauguration of the world cup competition in winter swimming, a competition in “wake poetry” will be held, in the town of narrators, Skellefteå, where you have the chance to create a unique poem, that will be performed by you, standing in a wake in one of Sweden’s coldest river.

To attend this competition, you need to create a poem on the themes: darkness, coldness, joy and what enriches the lives of people that visit or live in our northern district.

ATTENTION! The poem must not take longer than 30 seconds to perform.

E-mail your contribution to the president of the jury, Rose-Maire Lindfors, rm.lindfors@gmail.com before 15:00 on Wednesday the 13th of February.

On Thursday all contributions will be reviewed by a jury, and six poems are chosen to compete in the competition “wake poetry” on Friday the 15th of February in conjunction with the inauguration that starts at 18:00.

The six finalists will perform their poems orally, standing in a wake. They need to decorate themselves with a creative warm headdress, swimsuit and shoes(if you want).

A jury, that is present at the finals, will appoint the winner. The jury has the following judgement criteria: 
– How the poem in it’s whole reflects the theme
– The creative headdress 
– Cool performance – how the poem is recited and performed

The competition is arranged by Mörkrets och Kylans Glada Vänner, Skelleftebygdens Berättarförening and Nordiskt Berättarcentrum

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