Competition in music

In connection to the opening ceremony of the 12-year jubilee competition in winter swimming, a competition will be held in “Music in the ice hole” for the fourth time in Skellefteå.

In connection with the registration to open, you can send in your contribution to the competition which is arranged during the opening ceremony on Friday the 9th of February. The theme is joy, darkness and cold.

We want your contribution no later than Friday the 2 of February. A jury selects the six entries that then participate in the competition “Music in the ice hole”. The same week as the open ceremony you will receive an answer if you have been accepted, and the finalists participate in the open ceremony of the Winter Swimming.

The six finalists will perform a piece of music standing in a wake with an instrument. They can be decorated with a creative swimwear, hat and shoes (if desired). The piece of music may take a maximum of 30 seconds to perform.

It is a jury that selects the winner and we judge based on these criteria:

  • How the music is played
  • The creative equipment
  • Cool performance

The competition is arranged by Mörkrets och Kylans Glada Vänner together with Skellefteå musikaliska.

Warm welcome!