Rules for ALL events

  1. Swimmers may not use any internal or external substances that preserve or increase body heat. Swimming under the influence of drugs or alcohol is forbidden. Any race official or lifeguard may require a swimmer to leave the water if he or she believes that swimmer to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or presents a danger to him or herself, other swimmers, officials or spectators.

  1. Swimsuits must be appropriate and non-transparent. Topless swimming or swimming without a bathing costume is not permitted. Except in relation to the water performance teams, swimsuits may not go beyond the middle of the thigh or past the shoulder (i.e.they may not have legs or sleeves) and shall have to thermal protection or buoyancy.

  1. Swimmers may not use any device or material, which is designed to improve performance (this includes, without limitation, hand-paddles, snorkels, fins, or floatation devices).

  1. With the exception of a hat, swimmers may not wear any additional clothing (e.g. Gloves or neoprene socks) or wetsuits of any description, whether made of neoprene or any other material, even for dipping.

  1. Swimmers must wear something on their head; either a swimming cap or a woollen or other warm hat.

  1. The organiser’s decision on whether or not a swimmer is attired appropriately will be final.

The age groups for events of the season of 2021/2022 are determined by the swimmer’s age on October 31, 2022.

IMPORTANT: who was born in November / December should be determined by the full number of years!

Rules for breaststroke races

  1. The only permissible stroke during the Friday races on is «head-up» breast-stroke. The Crown of the head may not be submerged at any time.

  1. Swimmers will be required to wear at least a swimming cap or other hat and may wear goggles.

  1. Baskets or pack will be provided for each lane and competitors should put all their clothing and bags into them. They will then be carried around to the other end of the lane, ready for the competitor to pick up his or her clothes when he or she has finished the race.

  1. At the start Competitors will be instructed to put at least one shoulder under the water and in the start position competitors must visible hold the steps with one hand. Competitors will then be instructed to get on their marks, get set and then the claxon will sound, indicating the start of the race.

  1. False starts will not be called back. Blatant false starts will result in disqualification. Minor false starts will result in a five second penalty being added onto the race time. The decision of the referee will be final.

Rules for freestyle races

  1. Swimming style is regular freestyle.

  1. The start of each race is a wet start i.e. swimmers must start the swim in the water. A diving start is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant disqualification.

  1. As each competitor enters the water, they will be instructed by lane marshals and officials to put their sholulders under the water, and to get into the start position. For this position each competitor must visibly hold the entry step with one hand.

  1. Each swimmer finishes the swim by touching the wall at the end of their lane with at least one hand. Note: The swimmer must touch the end of the pool wall with at least one hand before turning, tumble turns are forbidden and will result in instant disqualification.

Rules for Breaststroke relay

  1. The swimming distance is 4 x 25 meters

  1. The only permissible stroke during the relay is head-up breaststroke. The Crown of the head may not be submerged at any time. The other swimmers must wait in the water and can leave after the previous swimmer has touched the wall at the end of the swimming lane.

  1. There are 4 swimming categories based on the swimmers:
    • Combined age under 150 years
    • Combined age 151-200 years
    • Combined age 201-250 years
    • Combined age over 251 years

  1. Each team must consist of a team captain and 3 swimmers. Only the team captain should register each team. Names of the other 3 team members should be provided on registration. 

  1. Teams must be mixed. There must be at least one woman and one man in each team.