The world’s coolest seminar about darkness, cold and winter swimming

In connection with the winter swimming in Skellefteå, the Mörkrets and Kylans Glada Vänner association conducts a free seminar where many cool questions will be discussed.

– The author and journalist Lisa Bjerre, who is one of the authors of the book “Vinterbad”. Among other things, she will talk about the history of winter bathing around the world and its cultural significance.

 – Experienced winter swimmer Mikael Söderström, who talks about how he uses winter swimming as a way to explore mental and physical stress and the fear of becoming comfortable.

– Hansi Gelter, biologist, nature guide, adventurer and researcher who talks about why darkness during the winter months in the north affects us, as well as how and why cold and hypothermia affect the body.

– Maria Luisa Lozana Letelier, from Brazil, who talks about how cold water and winter swimming improved her health and the processing of traumatic events.

– Journalist Paul Connolly who moved to Skellefteå ten years ago. He will talk about why living in Norrland is so attractive to international newcomers, despite or thanks to the darkness and cold.

– One of the founders of Dark and Cold ( Mörkrets and Kylans Glada Vänner ), Jarkko Enqvist, who is also the project manager for the winter swimming in Skellefteå, talks about the exciting Leader project ” Coolest Center ( Coolaste Center )” and presents a brand new market survey on winter swimming.

Where: Wood Hotel Conference, Skellefteå
When: Friday 10 February 2023 at 1 pm – 4 pm

No registration is required.