Inauguration of Vintersim with food and theatre
Being salmon, being human

In connection with the inauguration of the winter swimming championship on the 14th of Febuary, Mörkrets & Kylans Glada Vänner together with Skelleftebygdens berättarförening and Nordiskt berättarcentrum will arrange the performance ”Being salmon, Being human”.

The performance, which will be held in English, will be performed in a tipi close to Stadparken, where food also will be served. You will be able to mingle and eat a Sami inspired wok with a sauce made of rårörda lingonberries, standing or sitting on benches covered with reindeer skins. It will be a bit chilly, so warm clothes and shoes are recommended.

Being salmon, being human, is about how the profit driven salmon industry converted the salmon into a biomass. With yoiking, philosophy and tales from Sami and north american tradition tells about the relationship between humans and salmon that has existed since ancient times.

Participators: yoik and sound artist Torgeir Vassvik, philosopher Martin Lee Mueller och storyteller Tiril Bryn.

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